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Medstar Billing Group
Small enough for personal attention, big enough to get the job done!

Welcome to Med-Star Billing Group

Med-Star Billing Group is conveniently located in Newburgh, Indiana near Evansville, Indiana. We provide comprehensive medical billing services for both Indiana and Kentucky practices. Med-star is a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and employs certified AAPC members.

We specialize in comprehensive cost-effective medical billing and claims processing for small to mid-sized medical practices. Our experienced staff and personal service will enable your office to utilize your key personnel more efficiently, lower your total costs and increase your cash flow.

Medical billing, patient accounting and account receivables management are the heart and soul of our business. We provide management of the entire claim process and collection cycle including regular follow up. We manage your revenue cycles so you can concentrate on your core profession: Medicine.


Take the Medical Billing Check-up below to see why your practice may not be getting every cent you have earned.

Is your office submitting your claims to insurance companies electronically?

Is your practice staying up-to-date on all of your medical billing software?

How much do you spend on annual support, clearing-houses and computer hardware to perform your medical billing and claims processing?

Are your billing software and billing systems HIPAA compliant?

What measures are in place to make sure your medical billing staff doesn’t forget to submit any claims?

Are you charging enough for your medical procedures?

Are your billers promptly filing secondary and tertiary claims?

Does your billing staff line-item post each EOB?

Is your staff billing self-pay amounts after all insurance payments are received?

Are your billers coordinating collection efforts with a collection agency based on your protocol?

Are ICD-10 compliant?

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The Med-Star Difference...

At Med-Star Billing Group, we are small enough for personal attention and big enough to get the job done. Claims are submitted electronically to most insurance companies, reducing your reimbursement time significantly. In some cases, we receive payment from the insurance companies within seven days.

We verify patient insurance information and eligibility before ever submitting the claim whenever possible. Claims that are denied for incorrect information are reduced to a minimum.

We follow-up on each claim every 14-21 days until the claim is resolved. We electronically file when possible, claims with secondary and tertiary insurance companies. Four to eight per cent of a physician’s reimbursement is lost due to these time-consuming processes according to AAPC estimates.

We line-item post every EOB so that we can review each procedure reimbursement and follow-up if necessary.

Med-Star Billing Group will be happy to review your current billing processes at no charge to clearly illustrate how The Med-Star Difference can help improve your bottom line.

Let's Talk...

Med-Star Billing Group’s first priority is to make your practice financially successful so you can continue to provide the highest quality care to your patients. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your current billing practices and discuss how we might be able to improve your productivity and cash flow.

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Med-Star Offers...

Medical billing, patient accounting and account receivables management are the heart and soul of our business. We want the best doctors and surgeons. Shouldn't you demand the best billing group availabe?

Med-Star Billing Group offers management of the entire claims processing and collections cycle. We provide for the needs of your practice regardless of specialty or claim volume.

*Collection Services are available through our affiliate, MPCS. Click here for full details (site opens in new window).

Personal and Technology Based Services Available Include:

  • Experienced, dedicated account executives
  • Timely claim follow up
  • HIPAA compliant practices and systems
  • Electronic imaging and data backup
  • Charge entry and posting
  • Electronic and paper claim filing
  • Secondary and tertiary claim filing
  • Electronically processed patient statements
  • Appeals and corrected claim refiling
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Collection Agency Coordination

Some questions you might want to ask yourself: Can your practice afford a key billing position resignation? Unplanned leave of absence? Unreliable performance? How about a gap in your revenue cycle for 2 weeks or 4 weeks? Med-Star Billing Group can provide you a revenue cycle that will be consistent and predictable. We have dedicated account managers for each of our practices and all of our account managers are cross trained for every specialty we handle. We are ready and willing to assist you.

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